New to Class

Fitness classes can be intimidating for newbies. You’re surrounded by new faces, you’re in a new environment, and about to dive into a different experience with new challenges. So, it’s perfectly natural to hesitate when jumping into your first class. But we’ve all been there and it’s okay!

We LOVE welcoming new people into our studio and always do our very best to make you feel at home during every fitness class or personal training. We’re not like a big box gym. We know your name, we actually care, and appreciate that you’ve chosen our little gym for your next workout experience. We’ll show you around, help you feel comfortable, and guide you every step of the way through (hopefully) one of the best workouts you’ve ever had. Our Coaches live to help and have an unparalleled passion for health and fitness. Need some water? We got you. Need some chalk? We got you. Need a hug? WE GOT YOU! Our goal is to create a welcoming environment, a safe space, and a second home for you to grow and develop into your best self.

Fitness Class Membership

Committing to a gym membership is a big deal, so we’ve created a new client intro pass for you to try things out first. This way, you can experience different classes, Coaches, and class times before choosing the membership (see options) that fits your lifestyle best. The intro changes from time to time, but you can see the most recent intro offer on our website here.

The Class

Will the workout be challenging? Yes, it will. Will it kill you? No, it won’t but it will change you. It will help you get stronger. It will empower you. It will help you feel better and leave with a big sweaty smile on your face. Exercise has an amazing way of lifting you out of a slump and fitness classes are no exception. Whether it’s a strength class, a cross conditioning class, or any other class the benefits of exercise surpass just improved physical fitness. BPM’s fitness classes can help you through mental struggles, they can help you gain a new perspective, and help you enjoy a fresh social experience like no other. Humans are social creatures, but in a World fraught with social anxiety, we’re happy to provide a space that understands how challenging it can be. We got you. Every step of the way.

BPM is located at 800B Cloverdale Avenue. Want to tour our studio before joining a class or just want to chat? Connect with us here and we’ll be happy to help.

See you soon!


Keelan Clemens

Owner/Coach/New friend