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Keelan, Owner, Trainer, Coach

Keelan is the sole Owner and Operator of BPM, which he opened in 2016. With over 17-years experience working in the fitness industry, Keelan graduated from the University of Victoria with a degree in Recreation and Health Education with a focus on exercise science and nutrition. He’s a Certified Weight Trainer, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, CrossFit Level-1 Trainer, and Movement Specialist which allows him to work with a diverse clientele from rehab to Olympic lifting, sport-conditioning, and everything in-between. With compassion and care, Keelan uses a proven, science-driven, blueprint to give his clients the tools and guidance for achieving life-changing results in a short amount of time. Outside of BPM, he can be found woodworking, or scheming up a saucy new workout.

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Ivona, Coach

Ivona, also known as gym mom, or the real boss of BPM, found her love of fitness in the same community she now coaches. With a Masters in Environment and Resource Management and a BSc in Biochemistry, this scientist is not from your typical fitness background. Her love for a solid sweat transferred some of those brains to brawn and when not attending classes herself, you can find the HYROX Certified coach cheering you on in a workout. Suggest a good read and you might just get out of doing burpees!

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Sage, Studio Supervisor

Sage grew up playing every sport under the sun, but her main focus was competitive cheerleading, which means she can do a backflip and has a knack for hard work. She has traded lifting people for lifting weights, but her real playground is the outdoors, from rock climbing to road cycling. When she is not climbing rocks, shredding waves, or tripping over roots on hiking trails, you will find her at UVic studying her never-ending Kinesiology notes. If you ever need a break from gym talk, just ask Sage about her cat Chapo. Trust us, you will get a front-row seat to an endless slideshow of orange cat pictures. Looking for a laugh while getting your sweat on? Sage is your gal, as she will probably be in the corner dancing along to the coach’s tunes.


Brandt, Trainer, Coach

Originally from Alberta, Brandt has found a new home in Victoria. With a background in competitive sport, Brandt played for the Camosun Chargers basketball team and now dedicates time to help others improve their game. As an ISSA Certified Trainer, Brandt brings a wealth of knowledge and exercise experience to the team.

Best Personal Trainer Victoria, BC

Jules, Trainer, Coach

Coach Jules became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2021 due to gym closures during the pandemic. In her own words, ” Fitness has always played a strong part in my mental health, and when the pandemic hit – the first thing I did was create a home gym. I wanted to help people adapt to their new environments, and show them they were still capable of reaching their goals. I wanted to create a community to help support others, and myself.” Coach Jules loves bringing the heat and energy to her classes. “I would say my coaching style is a mix of functional fitness x strength and endurance. The dancing is optional – but I warn you it’s contagious.” Outside of BPM, you can find Jules golfing, walking her Siberian Husky, Pyshka, & spending time with her loved ones.

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Jordan, Trainer, Coach

Jordan is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology and is a CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer. Driven by a profound enthusiasm for fitness and well-being, he leverages his academic background to understand the intricate mechanisms of our daily lives. Whether it’s training, running, or participating in triathlons, Jordan embraces every physical challenge with passion. Beyond physical training, he is deeply obsessed with learning. You’ll often find him in a café, ambitiously reading multiple books at once. His main goal is to share his love for health and physical wellness with others through his coaching.

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Xia, Treat Tester

Xia is BPM’s official Puppy Ambassador and self-appointed treat tester. When she’s not barking at clients to work harder she can be found napping on equipment, doing tricks (for treats of course), and ignoring all the commands her dad (Coach Keeks) and mom (Coach Ivona) give her. If you’re lucky, you might catch Xia at class performing paws squats, or working on her pawsture, but always with a pawsitive attitude. 

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Tera, Trainer, Coach

Tera has been a trainer for 4-years, graduating from NAIT in 2019 with a diploma in Personal Training. Tera is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. Her specialities include functional movement, corrective exercise, and boxing, with mental health always being the primary focus. “I grew up playing many sports with hockey and boxing being my main focus now. I love what sports have taught me, they have always been my outlet for my mental and physical health. I love the way fitness has helped me grow as a person, and now a mentor for others. My goal is to bring as much fun, educate, and support to every client!” 


Daniel, Trainer, Coach

Daniel has been involved in high level sports, weight training, and coaching for over 7-years. He holds a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Colorado Christian University where he also played collegiate baseball for 4-years. He received his Certificate as a Personal Trainer from ISSA (International Sports Science Association) and is a Certified Online Personal Trainer from OTA (Online Training Academy), as well as a TPI Specialist (Titleist Performance Institute). Daniel’s focus is on the movement and technical skills of weight training and coaches a variety of modalities including powerlifting, weight lifting, bodybuilding, powerbuilding, mobility, and conditioning. Outside of BPM, his hobbies include golfing, hiking, and reading.

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Ben, Coach

Coming to us all the way from Ole Blighty (England), Ben is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and avid connoisseur of tea and biscuits … and some pretty challenging workouts! Finishing Carpenter by day and Coach by night, Ben began at BPM in 2022 as a member turned Coach and has blessed us with his knowledge and experience of Olympic lifting, high-intensity workouts, and chic British teas. When he’s not at BPM, you can find Ben shredding the gnar at Mt. Washington or enjoying a pot of brown water (tea). 

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Nitasha, Coach

Nitasha’s passion for fitness was ignited by her love for Olympic lifts and the dynamic energy of cross conditioning workouts. As a certified CrossFit Level-1 Trainer and a seasoned gymnast, she brings a wealth of expertise and a fresh perspective to coaching. Since joining BPM in 2019, she’s honed her skills in simplifying complex training concepts, making them accessible and relatable for all. The gym isn’t just a space for Nitasha—it’s the foundation of her healthy lifestyle, fueling her active pursuits beyond its walls. If you’re on a mission to gain strength, boost endurance, or simply enjoy the thrill of fitness, Nitasha is ready to guide you. Let’s unite at the studio and kickstart an incredible fitness journey together!

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Brady, Trainer, Coach

Brady’s roots span across the diverse landscapes of Canada, from the East Coast to Vancouver Island. With a gold-standard Personal Training certification from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, he’s not just an avid fitness enthusiast but a committed scholar too. As a third-year honors student at Camosun College, Brady is working toward his BA in Kinesiology, eyeing a future Masters in Physiotherapy. His expertise lie in corrective exercise and functional strength training, complemented by a keen interest in calisthenics and skills enhancement. For Brady, the journey is about persistent growth, embracing setbacks, pushing limits, and thirsting for knowledge. Beyond BPM’s walls, he juggles intense study sessions with quality time among friends, ever in pursuit of balance.