STRENGTH CON - BPM Fitness Center 

This 60-minute class focuses on building strength, developing proper exercise mechanics, learning new skills, and improving overall conditioning. Perfect for any ability and any age, StrengthCon is programmed over 20-weeks using undulating periodization to progressively make you stronger and build more muscle. At the end of the programming cycle, you'll test a 1-Rep Max (pure strength) across a variety of exercises. Just show up and let our Coaches guide you every step of the way. 



BootCamp - BMP Fitness Center

This 60-minute class is a fan favourite! Bootcamp is a full-body workout that incorporates intervals, circuit training, and functional exercises using a variety of equipment to build strength, improve cardio, and have a ton of fun. Every week, the load and intensity undulates in order to keep your body guessing and growing.


CROSS CON BPM Fitness Center 

Cross Conditioning classes are constantly varied, high-intensity, workouts. This 45-60 minute class incorporates a variety of modalities like Olympic lifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, and functional exercises to serve up fun workouts that keep you guessing. Every 4-weeks, this class focuses on a different exercises skill, so you're always learning and improving.


HYROX BPM Fitness Center 

BPM is Victoria's first HYROX affiliate and we are proud to offer this 60-minute class focused on improving the strength and endurance required for the Hyrox competition. Whether you're new to exercise or a seasoned competitor, Hyrox is an accessible class perfect for anyone who wants to improve their overall physical fitness.


HIIT Express BPM Fitness Center 

This 45-minute high-intensity interval training class is perfect for anyone looking to get an efficient full-body workout that'll challenge your cardio and improve your overall conditioning using barbells, dumbbells, bands and everything in between. Every week, the time interval, load, and intensity changes to keep your body guessing and sweating. This class is great for any skill-set.



Weight loss personal training 

Lose weight, build muscle, move better, and feel better with the professional guidance of a BPM Personal Trainer in our private facility. BPM’s Team uses a proven, science-driven, blueprint to give you the tools and guidance for achieving life-changing results in our state-of-the-art fitness studio that’s locally owned and operated. To work with us 1-on-1 or semi-private click below:



"BPM is the best! Keelan and BPM Fitness Centre are excellent! I have been training with Keelan personally for over 10-years. I am in better condition today than I was 20-years ago thanks to his great encouragement. (YES, sometimes it hurts). I was recommended to him by a friend and I have recommended him to friends/clients without hesitation. Thanks very much Keelan.”

Michael M

"I love attending the group fitness classes at BPM. The personal trainers are fun, friendly and design the programming to be challenging and full of variety. The gym is well equipped and the community is positive and welcoming. It's a great atmosphere to workout in!" 

Claire M

"Love this gym! Instructors are so nice and positive. Really enjoy the atmosphere and the workouts are always super hard in the best way, varied, and interesting! Lots of different classes to choose from at good times!"

Jess N

"Each instructor brings their own unique fun, personality, and flare to class, rooted in deep foundation of fitness. After months and months of consistently attending many classes - the excitement and joy to go to BPM has not worn off. Thank you to Keelan and the whole BPM staff and crew for creating a space that truly is my home away from home. Love this community!"

Maegan A