Group Training is an affordable way to get all the benefits of Personal Training with the energy and camaraderie of a group.

At a max of 6 people, you get more attention, more support, and access to professional expertise while accomplishing collective goals at a fraction of the price of one-on-one Personal Training.



Whether it’s one-on-one or in a group, accountability, motivation, and personalized guidance are just a few benefits of hiring a Trainer to efficiently achieve your health and fitness goals. BPM Trainers use a proven, science-driven, blueprint to give our clients the tools and guidance for achieving life-changing results in a short amount of time. Whether you’re brand new to exercise or a seasoned athlete, our Team is here to help with any goal.  

Together, you’ll improve your skills, progress through workouts, and experience real measurable results with individualized attention you can’t get in class. We’ll focus on building strength, improving exercise technique, and emphasize overall conditioning to turn you into a well oiled machine! Whether your goal is weight loss, toning, hypertrophy, endurance, sport performance, or just feeling better we can help! BPM Fitness Centre has over 12 amazing Trainers who specialize in a variety of areas including weight loss, nutrition, rehabilitation, mobility, boxing, sport conditioning, powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, kettlebell training, HIIT, bodybuilding and more to give you the best results possible. Group Training not your thing? Check-out our classes here.


Group Training is an affordable alternative to one-on-one Personal Training. BPM is happy to work within your budget and customize group size to lower the cost.  It all starts by booking in for a Discovery Call to see if we’d be a good fit. Are you just looking for a workout plan to do on your own? Click here for our professionally designed workout plans.

Ready to get started? Complete the contact form below and one of our Team will be in touch. During the call we’ll chat about goals, wants, needs, injuries, experience, timeline, budget, and more to ensure we can give you the best results possible. No training commitment required.  


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