Success is a word that often coincides with financial wealth, but you can achieve success in so many other areas of your life. So, whether it’s financial success, relationship success, work, lifestyle, or fitness we’ve pinpointed 10 tips for success that can really make a difference when trying to achieve greatness. 


  1. Wake-up at the same time every day – yes weekends too. Your body wants to have a routine and be in-line with its circadian rhythm. This will heighten your productivity and normalize your sleep and wake cycles, so you get the rest and recovery your body needs for success. 
  2. When your alarm goes off, get up, don’t snooze. When we get up right away, we start our day with a win that snowballs into more daily wins, better moods, and overall success. If we hit the snooze, we have already started the day with a loss. That win puts you on an upward trajectory to win. 
  3. Stay off your phone until after breakfast. Your brain takes time to wake-up and trying to process millions of bits of information by going through your phone as soon as you open your eyes does nothing but cause anxiety. So, wake-up, do your morning routine (shower, eat, get the kids ready), then check your phone. Don’t worry, Karen’s post about the vaccine will still be there after breakfast 😉 
  4. Start every morning with self-love. It’s hard to be happy when someone is mean to you all the time – don’t let that someone be you! We don’t like when someone else insults us or is mean to us, yet we allow ourselves to be mean all the time – just to ourselves! The way you feel and the way that you carry yourself are significantly impacted by how you speak to yourself, so let us start the day with kindness. Each morning, physically write down 3 compliments to yourself, and 3 things that you are grateful for in your life. “I am beautiful, I am intelligent, I can lift a ton of weight, I am grateful for my gym family, I am grateful to have a roof over my head, I am grateful that I made it through a pandemic.” It can be the same every day, but we promise you it will change your mindset, your energy, and the World will start to seem as if it’s conspiring to make you successful. 
  5. Write down your goals. Choose one fitness goal, one nutrition goal, one professional/work goal, and one lifestyle/family goal that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time related. For example, “I want to go to fitness class 3 times/week on average by the end of the month. I want to eat breakfast every day this week. I want to brush my teeth twice/day for the next 2-months. Take it a step further and indicate your start date and when each day you’ll be precisely doing the action.
  6. Book your fitness time in advance. Schedule it and make it a priority. Book your next month of classes, PT sessions, walks, hikes, paddle boarding or whatever it is that keeps you active. We like to use the built-in iPhone calendar or Google calendar, which also sends you a push notification of any upcoming appointments. This will set you up for success, make it a habit, and give you a daily win you can be proud of!
  7. Make healthy food convenient. It’s easy to eat unhealthy food. Why? It’s everywhere you look and it’s quick! Which makes those temptations even harder to avoid. So, if we can make healthy food options more convenient by prepping our meals in advance then we set ourselves up for success. We like to choose 2 days out of the week (Sunday & Wednesday) and prep 3-4 days worth of food so it stays fresh! Don’t have time to food prep? There are a ton of great companies that will not only do it for you, but will drop it off too! We like Balanced Meal Prep & Wolf Meal Prep here in Victoria.
  8. Breathe. It sounds simple and it is, but we do not do it. Our breathing impacts our cognitive function, our stress levels, our anxiety, and our entire body. Yet, we do not give breathing the attention it deserves. So, when you are stressed or anxious practice taking 6 deep breaths. Feel your belly rise with every inhale through the mouth, then slowly exhale through the nose.
  9. Give love. One of the BIGGEST hurdles we all need to overcome is loving ourselves. We are so hard on ourselves yet work so hard every day to support ourselves, our families, and our community. But self-love takes work and one of the biggest ways to improve self love is by giving love through genuine compliments. Not a “Hey, I love your pants,” kind of compliment. Be specific about the why, then say the compliment. For example, “The colour of your leggings is amazing, I love your style!” Now, the person receiving this compliment has some context as to why you love their style and chances are they are going to feel amazing for the rest of the day. If that person feels amazing, they are going to do amazing work, they are going to smile more, they’re going to love themselves more, and they in turn will love others more as well. We are too mean to ourselves and to others. Love more!
  10. Debrief the good stuff. It is easy to end the workday with only the negative things that happened on our minds. This sets the tone for when we get home, when we interact with our family, and when we interact with friends or others in our community. Take the time at the end of the day to recognize all the positive things that happened throughout your day, no matter how big or small. For example, “I got my 6am workout in, I ate breakfast today, I gave myself 3 morning compliments and identified 3 things I’m grateful for, I got that work assignment done before the deadline, I gave my colleague a nice compliment today.” Eventually, this will become second nature and you will end the day with positivity and spread that positivity to everyone around you 😊