Feeling down? Need motivation? Wanting a more productive routine? Try using these five self-care methods to get you feeling like the best version of yourself.

1. Tidy or Reorganize Your Space

If you’re disorganized, as so many of us are, tidying clutter can help ease stress. If you’re already an organized individual, try reorganizing! See if there might be a better way to store those books, or try putting those plates in a different cupboard! Organizing or reorganizing to encourage productivity is a great way to feel like you have control over the things around you.

2. Journal or Write It Out

Putting your thoughts on paper can help sort out your feelings. Sometimes just getting things off your chest and onto the page helps relieve stress. Documenting your emotions can also be a good reference point to come back to. Remember how happy you felt when the sun was shining that day? Journaling can be beneficial in creating these kinds of associations.

3. Stretch

Try and get into a routine of stretching, even if it’s only for 10 minutes a day. This becomes especially important if you’re working your muscles during the day, with an occupation or workout. Making sure to stretch can help your recovery and improve your mobility! Not sure where to start? Book in with one of our personal trainers to get set up on a strength and mobility program suited to your needs!

 4. Get 8-Hours of Sleep.

Sleeping enough at night is important for physical and mental well-being! Sleeping too much or too little can decrease motivation and make you feel more tired. Being well-rested can increase productivity. Feeling extra ambitious? Try getting 8 hours of sleep and waking up early in the morning (that means an early bed time)!

 5. Practice talking kindly to yourself.

Try to minimize the negative self-talk habits. Treat yourself with the same kind of compassion and patience you would show a close friend or loved one. The more kindness you show yourself, the more you will want for yourself. If you are constantly telling yourself you don’t deserve good things, you won’t strive for good things. A positive mindset can make a huge difference in confidence and motivation.


Give these five self-care methods a try. If you need more support or someone to talk to connect with us and we’ll be happy to help and support you back to better health!