Trying new things can be scary and trying a new group fitness class can seem even scarier. But fear not! We’re here to make sure you stride into your first class with confidence, knowing exactly what to expect. Make sure you take advantage of our new client intro offer here before booking your first class and connect with us to book a studio tour.

First things first, be punctual. Arriving about 15 minutes prior to the beginning of class will give you ample time to tie your shoes, fill your water bottle, and get in the right headspace to tackle a killer workout. Arriving early before your first class will also give our team a chance to get to know you and show you around the gym!

Come prepared. Make sure you’re dressed to sweat! That means wearing athletic clothing that will be comfortable and breathable during a sweaty, challenging workout. Indoor, athletic shoes will also ensure you can perform your best. If you have long hair, we recommend you tie it up, and always make sure you have a water bottle to rehydrate during and after the workout.

Class sizes vary, but there will typically be 12-18 people in each class. Make sure you know who your Coach is, and introduce yourself as a new member so they can best assist you. That way your coach knows it’s your first time in class, and it might be your first time doing some of the exercises or movements.

It’s going to be a challenge. Our Coaches’ goals are to make sure you’re working hard. But it will never be impossible! You can and you will make it through each workout. Remember to push yourself and put your best effort forward. Everyone in the class is all working together towards the same goal, let the atmosphere fuel you!

Bring a snack. Refueling with a good source of protein within a 30-minute window after finishing your workout is important for muscle growth and building your fitness. Eating right after your workout will help make sure your body is getting all the benefits from the training you have just completed, and will also help to make sure you make it through your journey home from the gym.

Be sure to have fun! Fitness classes are a great way to meet new people, work hard, and feel good! Check out our schedule to find a class that works with your schedule.