Even our Trainers have Personal Trainers, why? Because we’ll be the first ones to admit that there’s a ton we don’t know, a ton to learn, and always room to grow. There are so many ways a Personal Trainer can help, so if you’re on the verge of hiring a Personal Trainer in Victoria or anywhere in the World, here are 5 amazing benefits:

1. Accountability

Personal Trainers schedule appointments with you on a regular basis to keep you accountable. They’ll be the one to hold you to your appointment and to get your ass in the door so you can see quicker results. When you’re tired they’re there to remind you of why you started. When you’re feeling lazy, they’re there to give you the energy you need to succeed.

2. Motivation

This goes hand in hand with accountability. A Personal Trainer will keep you motivated, even on those days when you barely got out of bed. Trainers bring the fire and energy you’ll need to get a kick-ass effective workout.

3. Form/Biomechanics

Personal Trainers possess the necessary knowledge, experience, and cues to help you body move better, feel better, and get stronger. Not only is a Trainer able to show you the correct exercise technique, but they’ll ensure you’re performing the exercise the most optimal way for your body to yield results – while avoiding injury. Ever wonder how to properly do a barbell deadlift or barbell clean and jerk? That’s where a Trainer comes in!

4. Progression

Personal Trainers work with a concept known as progressive overload, which means continually challenging the body in new ways, so you never reach a plateau. A Personal Trainer will track your progress, make necessary adjustments, use a variety of exercises, and push you to always get stronger and more powerful as you go.

5. Nutrition

It takes more than just exercise to see results and Personal Trainers are the first ones to acknowledge the importance of nutrition. Many Trainers are also experts when it comes to eating right. They stay on top of the latest literature, nutritional science, and possess the knowledge to build a nutrition plan that’s right for you!

If you’re thinking about hiring a Personal Trainer but you’re still on the fence, connect with us today or book a Personal Training Assessment and we’ll be happy to help.

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