Rowing is an amazing full-body workout that’s zero impact and appropriate for anyone looking to improve their strength and stamina. In Victoria, we’re fortunate to host some of the best rowing athletes in the World at the Elk Lake Rowing Club. One commonality amongst all these athletes is their dryland training and the use of the Concept 2 Erg – the gold standard for rowing.

In order to help you get the most out of your rowing we’ve put together a how to row video. In a nutshell, the rowing stroke is comprised of 3 parts – The leg drive, the torso lean, and the arm pull. 60% of your drive power should come from the legs, 30% from the torso lean, and only 10% from the arm pull. The sequence from the forward catch position is leg drive, torso lean, arm pull. On the return, it’s arms back first, then torso lean, then leg bend back to the catch position. 

Having troubles keeping your heels down? Check-out our mobility video for running here to improve your rowing technique as well: