The Christmas Holidays are a tough time of year. Work seems to get busier, your calendar fills up with events and Christmas parties, all the while you have to find the perfect present for your spouse, parents, friends, and coworkers! With so much to think about, it’s nice to have a list of easy Christmas presents to help you and those around you feel great!

Here’s a list of BPM’s Top 5 Fitmas Presents:

BPM's Top 5 Fitmas Presents

1. The Massage Gun – For that special someone in your life that loves a good massage – so everyone! The Massage Gun offers 20 speeds of oscillation massage power. With a digital display and 6 interchangeable heads, this easy to use device is by far the favourite Christmas present for 2 years running. The Massage Gun provides an easy form of self-myofascial release to help with tight muscles, knots, and those pesky spots that are too difficult to hit with a foam roller.


2. Personal Training Intro Session – The PT Intro Session is the most affordable way to get professional support and education from a Certified Personal Trainer. BPM’s Personal Trainers specialize in a wide array of modalities from Strength Training, to Sport Conditioning, Rehab and everything in-between! This is the gift that keeps on giving.


3. Booty Bands – Booty bands are a fantastic and affordable gift for that special someone in your life who loves their home workouts. This set of bands includes 5 varying resistances from extra-light to extra-heavy to make any exercise more challenging.

Heavy Skipping

4. Heavy Skipping (Speed) Rope – The Heavy Skipping rope is not just for those looking to improve their cardio, it’s a great piece of equipment for any HIIT workout, Crossfit workout, or sport conditioning program. This skipping rope is heavy and moves fast! Whether you’re working out at home or in the gym, everyone needs their own skipping rope and this is a great quality affordable option.

Coffee Mug

5. Metal Camping Mug – Stay cozy this Winter with the BPM commemorative Metal Camping Mug. This rustic mug is the perfect vessel for all your favourite warm (or alcoholic) beverages. Perfect for curling up by the first or slamming that last bit of fireball before hitting the slopes!


For more great fitness gifts visit BPM’s retail shop at 800B Cloverdale Avenue.