AB Workouts


Interval: 25 seconds on + 5 seconds rest 

8 Exercises x 2 Rounds

Equipment: None

Limited on time? Here is a quick ab workout that’ll help you get that 6 pack in only 8-minutes! This abdominal workout has been specifically designed to hit your abs quickly and effectively to get you that 6 pack you’ve always wanted. And the best part – this ab workout requires no equipment! So, grab your timer and hit the mat for 8-minute abs.

It’s important to remember that our abdominals are composed of the rectus abdominus, the transverse abdominus, and the obliques (internal & external). All of which we’ll target in this 8-minute ab routine. We’ll perform 8 exercises for 25 seconds on + 5 seconds to transition for 2 rounds (8-minutes). Here are your 8 ab exercises:

  1. Plank
  2. Mountain Climber
  3. Side Crunch (left side, then right side)
  4. Deadbug March
  5. Bicycle Crunch
  6. Toe Touches
  7. V-Ups
  8. Oblique Twists

Do your best to do both rounds with no rest in-between but if you’re finding it too difficult, increase your rest time between exercises to 10-15 seconds, then progress to only 5 seconds as you grow stronger.


Interval: see video

10 exercises 

Equipment: None

Looking for a well-rounded ab routine that will help you get stronger more ripped abs? Then you’re in the right place. Perform these 10 exercises in circuit according to the different skill levels and progress as you get better!

  1. Plank Rocks
  2. Walk-Ups
  3. Mt. Climbers
  4. Side Crunch
  5. Heel Touches
  6. Bicycle Crunch
  7. V-Ups
  8. Alternating Deadbugs
  9. Leg Lifts
  10. Hollow Hold


Interval: 10 seconds building to 30 seconds

6 exercises for 10 seconds (1-minute)

Equipment: None

  1. Regular Plank
  2. Walk-up Plank
  3. Point Plank
  4. Army Crawl Plank
  5. Hip Twist Plank
  6. In/Out Plank