99 Day Challenge – We’re half way there!

99 Day Challenge - We're half way there! We're officially half-way into the 99 Day Challenge and we couldn't be happier and more inspired by all the challengers. With many weigh-ins still to be done, challengers have lost over 100 lbs and made some impressive life...

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The 99 Day Challenge

THE 99 DAY CHALLENGE  What is it? October 1st to January 7th  The 99 Day Challenge is an opportunity to kickstart a lifestyle change with accountability and BIG rewards. BPM is here to help you through 99 days of goal crushing...

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Pesto Zoodle Pasta Anyone?

Pesto Zoodle Pasta Anyone? Let's be honest, we all LOVE pasta! I mean, what's not to like? Oh wait, how about the water bloating and feeling of bursting at the seems, uhg! Well, you're in luck cause you can still have your pasta and fit into your jeans - thanks to...

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