Have you been trying to master a wall walk but you just can’t seem to get it? We’re here to help! Beyond improving upper-body strength and stability, wall walks are a great exercise for anyone looking to master their bodyweight or progress into handstands.

We’ve put together a how to video, plus step-by-step instructions on how to perform a wall walk. If you need added assistance, connect with our Team of expert Trainers and we’ll be happy to help!

  1. Place your feet flush against the wall and ensure your hands are below your shoulders with fingers turned slightly outwards.
  2. Shoot your hips up into a downward facing dog position.
  3. Lift one foot and then the other, making sure your elbows are facing backward before moving up the wall.
  4. Keep your legs together and straight, allowing them to slide up the wall until your palms are about eight to ten inches away from the wall.
  5. Come back down the wall with minimal movements.
  6. Ensure that your hands are back to the starting position before your feet come off the wall.

Wall walks are hard, they take practice and confidence. We always suggest working with a Coach or partner to ensure you can get up and down the wall safely. If you’re struggling to get the full wall walk, start by taking a few steps and gradually progress closer and closer to the wall over time.