At BPM, our Team is ready to help you get back to feeling your best with a comprehensive and integrative modern approach to physical therapy. Our Physiotherapist, Libby Meakin with the Resurgence Project,  is here to help you recover from injury, correct joint dysfunction, move better, and feel better.  







What to Expect

Each physiotherapy  session is 30-45 minutes individualized to your wants and needs, which we assess on a day to day basis. Libby will educate and guide you in the right direction by providing a thorough assessment and hands on treatment. We’re all at different stages of change, growth and development and Libby aims to meet you where you’re at. You’ll find a warm welcome, kind approach, and a wee Irish lilt mixed in with her experience.


  • BSc Honours Physiotherapy (2009)
  • AACP Acupuncture
  • APPI Pilates Matwork
  • Connect Therapy™
  • Permission To Move pain education and rehab

Treatment Options (Direct Billable)

  • Initial Treatment ($112): This 45-minute session is for first-time clients or clients with something new to address. 
  • Physiotherapy Return ($112): This 45-minute session is for return clients who have already had an initial treatment.
  • Physiotherapy Return ($82): This 30-minute session is for return clients who have already had an initial treatment and want a shorter session. 

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The Fitness Centre is open 6am-8pm (M-F) and 8am-12pm (Sa,Sun)