Kirstin On Seducing Your Dinner 

Does the thought of cooking your own meals make you cringe? Or perhaps yawn with distaste? (Pun intended). Don’t worry, I’m not always in the mood to make tasty creations, let alone put in the effort to make them healthy, but it’s like getting in the mood for anything; sometimes it just takes a little motivation and inspiration. Light those candles and blast that Berry White so your food can talk sweet, sweet nothings to your tastebuds – or not. But I’ll let you in on a particular way I like to make dinner a fun affair – without the awkward goodbyes! 

Make it fun! Dinner (or any meal) doesn’t have to be a chore. For me, it’s my fun time in the kitchen. I get to blast my favourite drum and bass tunes and dance like a fool. Pretend you’re Masterchef cooking for Chef Gordon Ramsey. Play a cooking show in the background. Anything that helps rekindle that relationship with your cooking.

Make it tasty! Now I know we’ve all seen the Facebook posts about the bacon wrapped fried chicken covered in cheese cooked in dough covered in more cheese… But Christmas indulging is over, folks! You can make things Just as yummy without it being cheese covered in more cheese. Substitute! Instead of butter, use coconut oil. Everyone knows coconut oil is good for everything: Hair, food, skin, breakups, you name it! Instead of bread – lettuce wrap!

Make it look goooood. We all know the old saying “We eat with our eyes first.” Well, have fun with plating. And adding many different colours into your meal usually means it will be well-balanced.

Enjoy the heck out of it! Be shameless – take a picture of your food! Post it, be proud of it! But most of all, savour it. Take a moment to sit and enjoy the fruits (or salads) of your labour.  Remember that food and flavour is one of the most wonderful things we get to enjoy in this world. It brings people together – entire relationships happen over the eating of food! So put in the same love you want to get out of your meals, and treat it like the wonderful, long-term relationship that it is. 🙂

Kirstin’s Random Rockin’ Recipe: Chicken Taco Salad

  • 1 Chicken Breast, pan fried with minced garlic and chopped onion. Seasoned with taco seasoning. chickensalad
  • On plate: Diced tomato, cucumber, avocado, banana peppers, bell pepper.
  • Spinach base, a touch of flax seed oil drizzled overtop.
  • Random non-dairy cheese, and a dollop of equally random non-dairy sour cream.
  • A sprig of cilantro on top!
  • Tadaaa!