Keelan & Sally on 2 Years of Spin

Proudly Victorian and one of a kind – BPM is truly an amazing community of people.

Several years ago, we had this crazy idea to open Victoria’s first spin studio. We wanted to create a place, a community, an environment where anyone and everyone would feel welcome and we wanted to do it from the ground up! With over 40+ years combined experience in the industry, we identified the need for a space free from gym-timidation. A space where every-body would feel comfortable while safely pushing their physical limits. Soon enough, BPM was born. Over the years, we’ve received a ton of questions, so we’d like to take this opportunity to answer a few!

“Why B-P-M?” We love explaining why we chose the name BPM. In short, it stands for “Beats Per Minute,” but it’s much more than that. It’s the beat of your heart, it’s the beat of the music, it’s the rhythm that drives all of us forward toward our goals, toward health, and toward happiness. Utilizing live heart-rate tracking was something we always wanted to incorporate. So, we linked up with Polar, OnBeat, and Keiser to establish a system that provides you with meaningful, individualized, metrics to help you better understand your workouts.

“The BPM logo?” Every once in awhile, we get random people who pop into BPM just to ask what the hell our logo is about. We love our logo! The BPM logo is a Celtic Knot Heart. Celtic knots have been around for centuries and are very symbolic. They have no beginning, they have no end. They represent life, death, interconnectedness and eternity of the spirit. The BPM Celtic Knot Heart was designed by graphic design wizard Greg Thorne of Thorne Creative. To us, the heart symbolizes interconnectedness, community, longevity, and health. It has different meaning for different people. We’d love to hear what it means to you!

“How did Keelan and Sally meet?” We get this question a lot! We may seem like an unusual pair and we are truly from different generations, but we’re very similar. We met many years ago while working for VI Fitness. Sally the Aerobics Coordinator and Keelan a Personal Trainer and Spin Instructor (no we’re not related!). Over the years, we discussed starting a studio together. We both moved on to other careers over the years, but always kept in touch. Then one day, we found the perfect space to achieve our dream. We both have a long history in the fitness industry managing businesses, people, and designing awesome sport and fitness programs. Sally has travelled all over the World creating fitness programs and Keelan has run several businesses including Victoria’s largest adult sport organization. At the end of the day, both of us have only ever wanted to help as many people as possible get active, have fun, and make meaningful connections.

“What’s next for BPM?” You’ll just have to wait and see! We’re excited to grow BPM and have been working very hard behind the scenes. But rest assured you’ll be the first to know!

It has been an amazing two years. We are so grateful for this opportunity and appreciate all the love and support we’ve received from everyone since day one. Special thanks to our staff who administer some of the most amazing classes around and invigorate the community; our handy-man and photographer James (Sally’s husband) who keeps the cogs moving and us looking our best in photos; our families for their love and support; our volunteers who beautify BPM; our webmaster Max who somehow keeps our website alive; our community of local businesses who’ve been amazingly supportive; the City of Victoria for giving us this opportunity to open BPM and for attending our classes; and of course YOU, for helping us achieve our dream!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yours with love,

Keelan & Sally
BPM Indoor Cycling Inc.