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to the beat we live, to the beat we ride


BPM is Victoria, BC’s first boutique spin studio founded on the principles of inclusivity, generosity, and fun! We provide a welcoming environment free from gym-timidation, where riders can feel comfortable while safely pushing their physical limits.

Located in the heart of downtown Victoria on historic Johnson Street, the BPM spin studio provides an environment that makes you feel at home. Heritage red brick, high ceilings, dim lighting and plenty of space to move between bikes characterize our unique studio. When you walk into BPM, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff who will provide you with a complimentary towel, spin shoes, heart rate monitor, and locker. The spin studio also features a retail shop, Cultured Kombucha, change rooms, washrooms, shower, and hydration station for your convenience.

Locally owned and operated, BPM is proudly Victorian and one of a kind. Owners of BPM, Sally and Keelan opened the spin studio to fulfill their lifelong dreams of creating a unique space where Victorians can get active, have fun, and meet new people – and BPM does just that. With over 40-years combined experience in the fitness industry, Sally and Keelan are always close by and happy to help whenever they can, so say hi next time you’re in!

What we do

Indoor cycling, better known as spin, is what we do. The low-impact nature of spin makes it suitable exercise for anyone, including older adults or people recovering from orthopedic injuries. You’re in control of your own resistance, pace, and intensity, which makes spin suitable for anyone! Every rider at BPM also receives a Polar heart rate monitor. Based on your maximum heart rate, the monitor projects your intensity onto a screen in front of the class. But it’s totally anonymous! Every rider receives a number corresponding to their monitor – so no one will know how much you’re slacking 😉

All our spin classes are 45-60 minutes all day, every day, 364 days a year. That means we run over 1300 classes a year … that’s a lot of sweat. Just think of how many tacos you could eat! But BPM isn’t just a studio, it’s a community. To strengthen this community, BPM also provides riders with the opportunity to take part in group activities, parties, and educational classes/workshops including strength training, instructor training, nutrition, cycling technique, and more!

Why are we different?

BPM’s spin classes were developed on the principles of exercise physiology and ensure each rider uses proper biomechanics while riding. Cycling technique is at the forefront of every class and Instructors are trained to identify poor technique, posture, and high-risk activity to guarantee every rider has a safe and effective class. This means that we don’t teach arm bends (handlebar push-ups), use tiny weights, or cycle at revolutions greater than our bodies were built to manage. This keeps our riders safe and gives you an amazing workout!

The studio also features the cutting-edge Keiser M3i spin bike, which offers a superior ride through magnetic resistance, digital display, 24 gears, and wireless Bluetooth technology that allows riders to download data right to their smartphones. 





The Fitness Centre is open 6am-8pm (M-F) and 8am-1pm (Sa,Sun)