What to Know:

As of Monday, March 16th, BPM Management made the difficult decision to cancel all services including classes, personal training, and massage for a period of (at minimum) 2-weeks to help “flatten the curve” and promote social distancing. As a small local business, it was a very challenging decision, but ethically the right one to make. As individuals we are strong, but as a community we are stronger, which is why BPM reached out to many other gyms in our community to ensure we were all in this together. Later that week, every gym in the Province closed and the 2-week closure extended for an undetermined amount of time.

For Our Members:

The health of our members and staff is always our top priority, which is why the decision to close our doors was made. However, we are happy to provide our workout classes online through Zoom in addition to workouts found in our new Workout Library. We are optimistic this is only temporary, so your automatic monthly payments are scheduled as usual. All closed-studio time will be added to the end of your membership. The unfortunate reality is, as a local small business, we rely on these autopays and without them we may never open our doors again. However, we are also understanding a lot of people are out of a job and finances are stretched thin right now. Therefore, we can provide you with the option to suspend (pause) your membership until we re-open upon request here. If you choose to continue payments, we thank you for your support during this difficult time.


BPM has created a Workout Library to help keep you active during this crazy time. Here, you’ll find handouts, full-body workouts, and LIVE WORKOUTS to keep you going in the isolation of your own homes. Need equipment? Read on …

Equipment Rental:

BPM has also created an Equipment Rental Program to help you with any equipment you might need over the coming weeks. All equipment can be rented on a week-to-week basis from either of our studios. Choose from bikes, rowers, weights, bands, and all kinds of great gear!

What You Can Do:

Stay home and isolate! We need to get a jump on this virus now before the spike continues. We need to keep our immune systems up and those who are immunocompromised safe. Stay home if you’re sick, work from home, wash your hands, and stay positive. We’ve put together a Blog post on how you can stay healthy – always!

Want to support BPM?

BPM, like many small businesses in Victoria, has been hit very hard by the pandemic. We have “pivoted” our business model for the current time to continue to help our members through online workouts, live classes, and equipment rentals. If you’d like to support your local studio during this trying time, we have also moved our Retail Shop online which is loaded with great clothing and accessories so you can rep BPM at home! We thank you for your love and support. We’ll continue to do everything we can to help you stay healthy and happy.