caThe kickstart we all need is here!

BPM’s 30-Day Shred will provide you with that accountability you need to get summer ready and create habits to last a lifetime. The Goal: Attend classes, do cool shit, earn points, then win cash & prizes over 30-days of LAZER focus!

When: June 14 – July 13

How It Works: On June 13th at 6:30pm, all participants will get a navel girth measurement (abdomen) – a common area we all hold excess fatty tissue. Then on July 14th we’ll get our final measurements and tally up the scores. The winner will be the one with the most points at the end of 30-days based on:

  • Classes attended = 10 points each
  • Greatest percentage of inches lost = 1st=500, 2nd=300, 3rd=200 points
  • Weekly challenges completed 5 total = 50 points each
  • Bonus challenges = ?mystery?

Before the Shred begins, we’ll send you the link to the private Facebook Group where we’ll post all the challenges, bonuses, and discussions to help you succeed and create lifelong habits.

Weekly Challenges:

  • Challenge #1 (June 14): Clean the cupboards
  • Challenge #2 (June 21): Prep, prep, prep & win! Brought to you by Balanced Meal Prep
  • Challenge #3 (June 28): Protein, protein, protein! Brought to you by Supplement King Victoria
  • Challenge #4: (July 5): Buddy-up!
  • Challenge #5 (July 12): All for the gram

Bonus Points: 

#1: ???

#2: ???

#3: ???

What you win:

Cost: Only $20 

*Please note, the entry fee is not a membership. Click here for membership options. Must be a member/client to enter!

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