What is it?

April 15th to June 10th – 8 weeks 

The Spring It On Challenge is back!

Last year, we challenged riders to complete as many rides as possible in 30-days. This year, we’re stepping it up! The Challenge – burn as many calories as possible in 8 weeks with BPM’s new OnBeat heart-rate tracking system. For a maximum of 2 classes/day, OnBeat will track and record the calories you burn in every class for the Challenge.

*Limited to 30 people*

What’s up for grabs?

1st Place Male & 1st Place Female

  • $200 cash
  • $100 BPM credit
  • AND bragging rights

1st Place Overall

  • Brand new Giro Cycling Shoes ($200 value)

2nd Place Male & 2nd Place Female

  • $100 BPM credit
  • AND bragging rights

3rd Place Male & 3rd Place Female

  • $75 BPM credit
  • AND bragging rights

*Burn over 20,000 calories total

  • $75 BPM Credit

*Burn over 16,000 calories total

  • $50 BPM Credit

*Burn over 12,000 calories total

  • $25 BPM Credit

*Burn over 8,000 calories total

  • $15 BPM Credit

How do you determine who wins?

Calories! Every class, the OnBeat system will record your calories burned. At the end of 8 weeks, we’ll tally up the total to see how everyone did. This rewards the riders who work the hardest, but doesn’t necessarily come the most. If the OnBeat system does not work during a class, we will record the calories on your bike display (not an app).

*Participant are limited to taking 2 classes/day

*Credits rewarded for calorie burn are inclusive of the top 3 prizes, not in addition.


Make your calories more accurate
Before April 15th, be sure to provide BPM with your exact weight and resting heart-rate if you know it. This will make your caloric output much more accurate. To find your resting heart-rate, first thing in the morning take your pulse for 15-seconds, then multiple that number by 4, this is your beats per minute at rest.

BPM also encourages participants to weigh themselves at BPM before the challenge begins. Then check your BMR here to determine how many calories you should be consuming to achieve your goal

How much to enter?

  • $15 (entry only)
  • We highly recommend being on an unlimited membership for best results. Please ask us for details.