Welcome to BPM! We are Victoria’s premiere indoor cycling (spin) studio. Our mission is to provide Victorians with quality classes and a superior ride in order to achieve your health and fitness goals in the comforts of our intimate studio environment. BPM’s low impact classes are perfect for all abilities. New to spin or seasoned-vet, any class can be adapted to suit your health and fitness needs. Each spin class at BPM is led by Victoria’s best instructors, who carefully choreograph their classes to upbeat music to keep you motivated. Never done spin before? Let us know and we’ll be happy to show you all you need to know to have a great class!

The BPM spin studio is a state of the art space located in the heart of downtown Victoria on historic Johnson Street. The studio features the cutting-edge Keiser M3i spin bike, which offers a superior ride through magnetic resistance, digital display, 24 gears, and wireless Bluetooth technology that allows riders to download data right to their smartphones. When you walk into BPM, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff who can provide you with a complimentary towel, spin shoes, heart rate monitor, and locker. The studio also features a retail shop, change rooms, washrooms, shower, and hydration station for your convenience.

But BPM isn’t just a studio, it’s a community! Owners of BPM, Sally and Keelan, began the studio with the vision of creating a community of happy and healthy riders who share a love of spin. To strengthen this community, BPM also provides our riders with the opportunity to take part in educational classes/workshops and certification programs. So, if you really love spin, you can now become an instructor right at BPM!

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“To the beat we live, to the beat we ride!”