What is it?

November 18th to December 17th

What’s better than working your buns off to get into amazing shape? Getting paid for all your hard work!

The 30-Day Cashout is just the incentive you need to kick those winter blues and get in amazing shape. Attend classes, workout with friends, earn points and win! The Challenge, complete as many classes as possible in 30 days to win $$$.

What’s Up for Grabs? 

1st Place

  • 75% of the pot
  • $50 BPM credit
  • 1 Massage
  • BPM T-shirt
  • AND bragging rights

2nd Place

  • 15% of the pot
  • $25 BPM credit
  • AND bragging rights

3rd Place

  • 10% of the pot
  • AND bragging rights

How do you determine who wins?

Points! Every bit of awesome earns you points and the individual with the most points (aka the most awesome person) wins!

  • Attend a class (max 3/day)  = 10 points
  • Instagram post “tagging” @bpmvictoria or @bpmfitnesscentre in the photo (max 5 total) = 20 points each
  • Bring a friend for their First Class $5 using your custom code (firstnamelastname5) = 50 points per use

*Please note, this is not a punch card or membership. An unlimited membership is the best way to get the most out of the Challenge. Check out this and other options on our pricing page

Entry now closed